25 July 2007

The George Mateljan Foundation

In case you missed our earlier blog on the The George Mateljan Foundation, here it is again: It is a non-profit organization free of commercial influence, which provides the website for you free of charge. The purpose is to provide you with unbiased scientific information about how nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods can promote vibrant health and energy and fit your personal needs and busy lifestyle:

"Food of the Week . . . Olives...

This week we celebrate olives as one of the World's Healthiest Foods. Olives are one of our oldest foods and are believed to have originated in Crete between five and seven thousand years ago. After they are harvested, they must go through special processing methods to reduce their intrinsic bitter taste and acquire the great taste that we associate with olives."


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08 July 2007

The River Cottage Meat Book

Recently published, and already a cult book for people with an insatiable taste for meat in Great Britain, The River Cottage Meat Book, is a must for any serious carnivore.

"First published in the United Kingdom, The River Cottage Meat Book quickly became an underground hit among food cognoscenti around the world. Now tailored for American cooks, this loving, authoritative, and galvanizing ode to good meat is one part manifesto on high-quality, local, and sustainable meat production; two parts guide to choosing and storing meats and fowl; and three parts techniques and recipes for roasting, cooking, barbecuing, preserving, and processing meats and getting the most out of leftovers. With this thought-provoking and practical guide, meat eaters can knowledgeably buy and prepare meat for better health and better living, while supporting the environment, vibrant local economies, and respectful treatment of animals."

A review is featured in today's New York Times Magazine, Food: The Way We Eat, Missionary Man by Alekxandra Crapanzano.

The River Cottage Meat Book
by Hugh Whittingstall-Fearnley
Hardcover - 544 pages
Published: April 2007
ISBN: 1580088430
Ten Speed Press

The River Cottage Meat Book is available online from Jessica's Biscuit and Barnes and Noble.

04 July 2007

The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas and Sweet Accompaniments

Summer and ice cream, ices, sorbets. Something cool and sweet. And time to find the ice cream maker. Recently published, The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas and Sweet Accompaniments, by David Lebovitz, comes just in time to satisfy our chilled cravings. Jessica's Biscuit gives us the scoop:

"Ripe seasonal fruits. Fragrant vanilla, toasted nuts, and spices. Heavy cream and bright liqueurs. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Every luscious flavor is grist for the chill in David Lebovitz's ecstatic guide to the pleasures of homemade ice creams, sorbets, granitas, and more. With an emphasis on intense and sophisticated flavors, an international flair, and a bountiful helping of seasoned technique, this collection of frozen treats ranges from classic and comforting (Chocolate Sorbet) to contemporary and cutting edge (Mojito Granita). Spilling over with scrumptious sauces, crunchy toppings, and surprising mix-ins, The Perfect Scoop transforms simple ice cream into a knockout dessert.

# A generous collection of classic and contemporary recipes for ice creams, sorbets, granitas, and accompaniments, from a former Chez Panisse pastry chef and popular dessert book author.
# Includes more than 200 recipes and 45 full-color food photos.
# Features in-depth material on successful ice cream making, from choosing the right equipment and the best ingredients to crafting the perfect custard.
# Most recipes are accompanied by "Perfect Pairings"--variations and garnishes for turning homemade ice cream into fun and fanciful desserts".

Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas, and Sweet Accessories
by David Lebovitz, Lara Hata (Photographer)
ISBN: 1580088082
March 2007
Ten Speed Press

"The Perfect Scoop" is available online at Jessica's Biscuit and Barnes and Noble.