26 September 2007

BBC Food website

Another wonderful source for all types of foodies can be found at BBC FOOD.

BBC Food is dedicated to culinary inspiration, with top chefs demonstrating how to create mouth-watering dishes and showing where their inspiration comes from. Chefs hunt for new ideas and creative ingredients, travelling though regions rich in culinary traditions and visiting restaurants that lead the way in gastronomic trends.

Created for everyone with an interest in good food, BBC Food celebrates simple, modern, fresh cooking. We hope you enjoy trying out some of the recipes featured on the site and return to find out the latest information on the best culinary programming from the BBC and other leading broadcasters.

Worth a visit at BBC FOOD.

24 September 2007

Where Flavor Was Born Recipes And Culinary Travels Along The Indian Ocean Spice Route

It's the season (besides the onset of Autumn) for the publication on new cookbooks and we're coming across a proliferation of them. We can only feature a few noteworthy books, and Where Flavor Was Born Recipes And Culinary Travels Along The Indian Ocean Spice Route, by Andreas Viestad, is one of them. Some we read, some are featured on their apparent merit. This from Jessica's Biscuit on this one:

"This extraordinary cookbook from celebrated author Andreas Viestad explores the culinary wonders along the legendary spice route, from Zanzibar to India to Bali and everywhere in between. Part travelogue, part cookbook, this colorful volume captures the spirit of each region and reveals the origins of the spices now used in everyday cooking across the globe. Nearly 100 recipes, a glossary of spices, source list, and unforgettable color photographs document the people, places, and—best of all—the irresistible cuisine at every stop on the journey. Where Flavor Was Born brings the exotic flavors—and cultures—of the Indian Ocean into the home kitchen."

Where Flavor Was Born Recipes And Culinary Travels Along The Indian Ocean Spice Route
by Andreas Viestad
Hardcover Book: 288 Pages
Publisher: Chronicle
Pub. Date: Aug 23, 2007
Photos: Color Photographs

Available online from Jessica's Biscuit.

If you've acquired a new and noteworthy food publication, anything to do with food, please feel free to submit a suggestion or review for inclusion here. Authors are especially invited to submit their works for review.

20 September 2007

The Original Master of Blood and Butter (Peter Luger)

Photo: Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

We featured the restaurant, Peter Luger, in a previous blog. And The New York Times reviews the restaurant as it celebrates its 120 years of existence. There are many resons for its long survival. One of the reasons for its longevity:

"...What a steak it was. Even before I saw it I could smell it — the acrid top note of its char, the funky bottom note of properly aged beef. I could even hear it, still sizzling from its time in one of the high-temperature broilers..."

Read the whole review at The Original Master of Blood and Butter.