26 November 2009

The 11 Best Cookbooks Of 2009

One of the annual lists of the year's best food books has been released by NPR, appropriately titled, "The 11 Best Cookbooks Of 2009", by T. Susan Chang:

"Michael Pollan famously lamented, earlier this year, that cooking has become a spectator sport. Not if this year's cookbooks have anything to do with it! Traditional cuisines get broken down and re-introduced, ingredients that have become familiar only recently get recombined as casually as speed-daters. Meanwhile, the bakers outdid themselves this year, clarifying flavors and streamlining their methods until they fit snugly in anybody's kitchen. This year's cookbook instructions are detailed and sure-handed, so you'll feel confident even taking on those fiddly little jobs you usually leave to your good friend Joe, the Trader."

A wonderful list to help with the season's gift-giving or as suggestions for additions to your personal culinary library.

Go to The 11 Best Cookbooks Of 2009, to view the list and article.

The books are available online at Barnes and Noble.

22 November 2009

Thanksgiving Cooking

Photo: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

How to prepare the turkey and the stuffing; what sides to make; what wine to serve; what desserts will be a hit?

Instead of highlighting one dish, the best suggestions and more can be found in this article, "Thanksgiving Cooking", from The New York Times.

And please, don't forget the cranberries...

09 November 2009

I Know How to Cook, by Ginette Mathiot

Widely available in Europe since 1932, I Know How to Cook, by Ginette Mathiot, this best selling cookbook has just been published in English, and is now available in this country.

"I Know How to Cook is to France what The Silver Spoon is to Italy. A best-seller since its first publication in 1932, it is now available in English for the first time. I Know How to Cook reveals all the secrets of good, simple French cooking and the foundations of modern cuisine. Containing more than 1,400 authentic, simple and easy-to-follow recipes, this classic text is fully updated for modern kitchens by experts in classic French cooking. French bistro food has grown hugely in popularity, and I Know How to Cook demonstrates how easy and accessible classic dishes like boeuf bourguignon and tarte tatin can be.

I Know How to Cook
By Ginette Mathiot
Pub. Date: October 2009
Publisher: Phaidon Press, Incorporated
Hardcover, 976pp
ISBN-13: 9780714857367
ISBN: 071485736X

Available online at Barnes and Noble.